Good on Romola for making a quip about her poor old vagina

The English actress Romola Garai revealed she had to have 23 stitches, poor girl, after giving birth. She thought she’d never laugh again. It was a quip she made at the BAFTAs presenting the award for best comedy. Watch it here.

Who’d have expected that eh? Brilliant really. In fact I couldn’t applaud her frank witticism more. It’s about time we all got real about what some women endure during childbirth. Why are we so squeamish about it? It’s clear from the clip that some men weren’t laughing. Perhaps they found it distasteful. Why I wonder? They’re not French are they? Well, it’s about time they grew up.

And no. I don’t think it’s too private, or shameful, or inappropriate. We talk about dicks all the time don’t we? Plus, in an age when people announce their miscarriage on Facebook (a girl I went to school with really did do this), we’d be kidding ourselves to think the private is still private.


Romola’s quip comes of course in the same week that Angelina Jolie revealed in an op-ed for the New York Times she’s had a double mastectomy.  Good on her for laying the truth bare I say.

So what do you think? Too much information or about time we all faced up to the reality of what it means to be a woman?


2 thoughts on “Good on Romola for making a quip about her poor old vagina

  1. I just adored that speech! (And the look on the men’s faces hehe). I don’t find it distasteful. It’s the truth and she brings it with a lot of humour, always a good combination.
    Sometimes I get the impression that from the day you’re pregnant, you enter the secret society of motherhood. Suddenly lots of women (and sometimes men) will tell you all kinds of things they wouldn’t have told you before. Stories about episiotomies and stitches being among them. They are like a kind of horror stories. (And are told accordingly: in dark rooms with hushed voices and shadows dancing on the walls.) I, personally, would have loved to hear them sooner. It wouldn’t have freaked me out the way they did while I was pregnant.
    Luckily I had an easy natural labor: no meds and I could deal with the pain quite easily. My daughter was born without an episiotomy, but I still had to be stitched. That was easily the worst part of it all! So long live Romola Garai!

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