Love, egos and Look Who’s Talking

Look Who's Talking

If you were around in the 80s there’s a good chance you’ll have seen Look Who’s Talking (single mom has a baby with a voiceover) and Pretty Woman (Hollywood prostitute hooks rich guy).

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the story of Pretty Woman aka Cinderella but what about Look Who’s Talking? Gimmicky movie, you’re probably thinking. Fun – if you’re twelve.

Well, all I can say is watch it again. It’s gas! Check out the opening scene between Albert, the wealthy married man in the movie, and his accountant Millie who is also his bit on the side and already pregnant with a fully fluent foetus:

Albert – Every time I say the word divorce, my wife loses five pounds. I’m sorry she’s bulimic.

Millie – I can’t wait for you forever.

Albert – It’s going to work out soon. The doctor prescribed new pills and she’s starting ballet classes.

Millie – It’ll be like the playwriting

Albert – She knows this can’t make her fat. She said writing made her ass spread.

As you might guess, Albert’s not up to much and so we follow new mother Millie as she gives the dating scene a go in search of the perfect daddy.

Pretty Woman came out about 6 months later and watching Look Who’s Talking got me comparing the two.

Why? Well both movies seem to me to be about falling in love and egos – but with one key difference.

In Pretty Woman, egos remain intact. The prostitute’s fantasy of being rescued by a white knight plays out. The final scene is just an exercise in ego stroking.

This isn’t what happens in Look Who’s Talking. Albert, our egocentric married man, doesn’t get Millie even though he does eventually leave his wife. Just like Edward, the rich, ruthless lawyer in Pretty Woman, Albert’s a narcissist, or going through a selfish phase as he puts it. But initially so is the money-oriented (and let’s face it, when pregnant, who isn’t?) Millie.

But – and this is the crucial difference – unlike Edward and the prostitute in Pretty Woman, Millie learns to put her ego to one side and listen to her heart.

If you truly follow love there are no fairy tale endings. Falling in love is about trusting in the unknown and giving up the security, say for example, money and power bring. Yet it’s this certainty that the ego craves and hates to surrender.

My 20s were all about boosting and toning my ego. I’m not knocking it but that’s the great thing about falling in love and having a baby. Time is spent on other things….


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